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This month (June 2017) we've partnered up with Divernet to offer readers the chance to win 1 of 5 SwimCell Waterproof Cases and a Key Float which can either be used to float your phone in your SwimCell, a couple of keys or even a GoPro action camera.

Diver Net Competition For SwimCell Waterproof Phone Case
The total value of each prize is worth £24. To enter the competition click here to visit the Divernet site. For any of their customers we're offering a 10% discount at our checkout with code DIVERNET. For those of you looking for the answer to the question, keep reading to the end.

Our waterproof phone cases come in 2 sizes, standard and large, fitting all phones from the small iphone 5 to the great big iphone 6 and 7 plus. They are also the perfect size for keeping money, keys and jewellery in too. They come in 5 fab colours, black, white, pink, blue and neon yellow.

If you'd like something a bit smaller, say for just 1 key, we launched our SwimCell Armband Key Case earlier this year. With an adjustable strap it's perfect for running or tucking into your wetsuit whilst you dive or surf.

The phone cases have been tested to 10m underwater, although we know naughty people like to take them deeper than that. Our larger cases can handle more pressure down to 20m.

We have 2 larger sizes for ipads and kindle to make sure that you can fully protect all your tech gear from water, sand, dirt and dust. Best of all, you can still use your device through the case, taking photos or making calls for your pleasure and safety.

"Whether you're just going to the beach, on a sailing trip, snorkelling or diving, keep your valuables safe and dry inside a SwimCell Waterproof Case. It's easy to use with 2 twist lock wheels. Give yourself one less thing to worry about and have peace of mind that you can call for help if you needed to". 
says creator Amy Day from Penzance, Cornwall.

To view our whole range of products visit our shop and don't forget if you're a Divernet reader you can use code DIVERNET at the checkout to get 10% off until the end of July 2017.

We recently joined forces with an awesome instagram account called @belowthebubbles offering a SwimCell giveaway when they reached 500 followers (hit up their account now if you want the chance to win their 1000 followers prize). 

Below The Bubbles features underwater photos of real life mermaids - aka girls who take selfies underwater. With a mixture of professional and armature photos everyone is welcome to submit their photo to be featured.

Below the bubbles SwimCell Competition  Below the bubbles instagram

We thought this would be a perfect match for SwimCell seeing as there are so many people who have phones, if they could make them waterproof they'd be able to take awesome photos in the ocean or pool.

Lucky winner Tara @seaside_addict chose the large blue SwimCell waterproof case for her Samsung Note 4.
SwimCell Large Case For Samsung Note 4

It wasn't long before she took her phone under water and sent us the following AMAZING photos. All taken on her phone inside her SwimCell.
Underwater photo taken with SwimCell Waterproof CaseUnderwater photo taken with SwimCell Waterproof Case on Samsung Note 4
Underwater photo taken with SwimCell Waterproof Case on Samsung Note 4Underwater photo taken with SwimCell Waterproof Case on Samsung Note 4

Seaside_addict messaged us again today saying "Going out tomorrow again for mothers day and my SwimCell is my new favorite beach bag staple. I think I use it more than my go pro now haha. I get so many great shots I don't even have time to edit and post them all. You really do have an amazing product!" 

She also told us that her friend borrowed her waterproof case for a shark dive! We can't wait to see those pics. 

If you want a chance to win a SwimCell check out our @SwimCell instagram page or you can simply buy one from our online shop. We have a size to fit all phones and tablets.

Summer is coming and we've just stocked up on our HydraMate Foldable Bottle. Our new packaging has a more eco friendly look to match the philosophy of our bottle which is all about reducing one time use plastic bottles.

If you're out and about on adventures then you need to take water with you for important hydration.

That's not the only change we've made. We've also added a loop to attach the hygiene cap as we heard that a few people have lost the caps.

With a capacity of 750ml (22oz) this soft, collapsible bottle can provide you with water for an afternoon and even hold a full bottle of wine. That makes it perfect for taking to the beach or park for a Summer picnic.

We've heard some people use these bottles to take alcohol on cruises so buying a couple at a time is a great idea.

Check out this great review from Clearwater Snorkeling who also has loads of reviews for other useful holiday items.

Order your HydraMate Foldable Bottle today and start saving one time use bottles, money and our environment.
HydraMate can save hundreds of one time use bottles. Make a change today.

SwimCell Instagram Giveaway This Week

We're giving away 2 SwimCell Waterproof Cases for phones to one of our lucky instagram fans once we hit 1000 followers!

We're already at 992 so we're pretty sure the draw will happen in the next few days.

SwimCell giveaway on instagram

You have to be in it to win it. So make sure you're following us by clicking here or search for us on instagram using @swimcell

It's super easy to enter
1) Find one of our giveaway posts
2) Comment @ with the name of your friend who you will give the 2nd SwimCell to
3) Comment which colour you'd like to win

You can enter as many times as you like by tagging your friends with the @ symbol.

Seeing as instagram follower numbers seem to fluctuate we're going to draw the winner once the number has been over 1000 followers for 3 days. So even if we've already hit our target you can still be in with a chance to win.

Whilst we're on the subject of instagram we've been loving the recent #swimcell posts you've been sharing of your new SwimCell cases, so make sure you keep doing that so we can also share your photos with the world.

Have you checked out the fab website bikini.com?SwimCell in Bikini.com
They have a great selection of beautiful bikinis ready for the Summer season. Sadly here in Indonesia, their site is banned (probably too many photos of ladies without a lot of clothes on) however that hasn't stopped us from partnering up with them to bring you some Spring Break Essentials.

Sat along side sunscreen, a book and an awesome rainbow floatie, yes, you guessed it, SwimCell Waterproof Case is featured as a Must Have for drinking by the pool. You don't have to stay drinking by the pool, with a SwimCell you can get right in without worrying about your phone getting wet. Take the perfect photos of you and your friends in the water and don't forget to tag us #swimcell

Spring break pool party must haves

You can buy a white, black or blue SwimCell on the bikini.com site along side a beautiful new bikini and other Spring Break essentials. Check out the full article https://www.bikini.com/style/spring-break-must-haves.

Wondering what to do with your key when you go surfing, running or swimming?

We've got the answer to keep it safe and dry! Now you don't have to hide your key in the sand or on your car tyre and worry whether it's going to be stolen whilst you're riding the waves.

Our brand new armband key case is the perfect solution for your small valuables including keys, money, credit cards, MP3 player, I.D, fitness trackers, fitbit and jewellery. Measuring 10cm x 8cm it's pretty darn cute and very handy.

You can wear it around your arm or ankle with our super comfy armband that has a special square made from OK cloth (similar to neoprene) which prevents the plastic from directly touching and rubbing on your skin.

You can also attach the adjustable lanyard and wear it around your neck, chest or waist. Or simply tuck the small waterproof pouch into your wetsuit pocket. The ultimate key master.
Swimcell key case on lanyard. key master.

It has the same easy to use clamp as our other waterproof cases and has also been tested to 10m under water.

We've tried to think of everything and have even invented a small silicone key cover to go over your key when it's in the waterproof case to prevent the key from poking a hole through the side. (3 pack also available to purchase separately). Remember, you saw this here first!

The standard size armband which is included with the waterproof case will fit biceps from 20-30cm. If you're pretty buff you will need to purchase the Extra Long Armband which fits 30-50cm biceps (£4.99).

There are a couple of ways to wear the armband case for swimming and surfing.You might prefer to put the case facing inwards rather than outwards for extra protection from waves and surfboards catching on the clamp.
SwimCell armband key case inside out

We've splashed out of our normal colour range this time and made an orange case for extra visibility. If you are using this directly in the water without it being attached to your body we suggest you use a SwimCell float.

There are 4 colours available, so click here to get shopping!
SwimCell armband Case 4 colours

We've just discovered our favourite use of the large SwimCell waterproof ipad case!

It was originally designed for an ipad but fits a JBL Flip3 bluetooth speaker perfectly and means you can take your tunes with you anywhere without worrying about getting sand and water in your speaker. (Make sure your phone is also in a SwimCell).Waterproof Speaker JBL FLip inside a SwimCell Waterproof Case

We took ours out on a boat trip around some islands in East Lombok this week and loved being able to play tunes on the boat and the beach without worry.

There are lots of "waterproof" or "water resistant" bluetooth speakers out there but if you're heading to the beach, you definitely don't want to get any sand or salt water inside the speaker.

When electronics say they are waterproof they generally only mean they are good in fresh water, not salt water, so always use double protection.

The sound quality was a bit different inside the case but we didn't mind because at least we knew the speaker wasn't going to get ruined. 

We LOVE this JBL Flip 3 and would definitely recommend it.

What other random ideas do you have for SwimCell?

Check out our waterproof speaker covers here: www.swimcell.com

It seems that Blue Lagoon Spa Iceland is THE place to visit this winter. Does that have anything at all to do with Kim Kardashian?!

We've had so many customers heading there with their SwimCell waterproof cases to enjoy time with their loved ones. After all who wants to go somewhere that amazing and not be able to share those moments with your friends back home.

We love seeing you photos so be sure to give use #swimcell or tag us on facebook.

Here are a few photos from one of our happy customers who says "It's so great to be able to take my phone in water with us and not worry and to be able to capture so much of the beauty around! Thanks." And Thank You Hannah!

SwimCell waterproof phone case blue lagoon spaSwimCell waterproof case for phone Blue Lagoon Spa IcelandBlue Lagoon Spa SwimCell Waterproof Case Selfi

Here's a great photo from #liamhanleyyy_ having a birthday celebration at the spa. Photo taken on his mobile phone inside our SwimCell waterproof case. To get your own visit our online shop.

Blue Lagoon Spa SwimCell Waterproof Case

Keep your #swimcellselfie photos coming our way!

Waterproof Case Reviews

02, December , 2016


SwimCell Waterproof Case Reviews Are Live!

When we're looking to buy a product we often spend time looking at product reviews from shoppers, after all, if you're shopping online and you can't see and feel a product a review can give you the confidence to choose a product, or the opposite!

We've just added a review feature to our site so that you can read real reviews from our customers who have bought and used a SwimCell waterproof case or HydraMate Foldable Water Bottle.

Our reviews are actually amazing, and why shouldn't they be. SwimCell is a great product that performs well and is easy to use.

Our average score is 5 STARs!
SwimCell Customer Reviews

We want all our customers to be really happy with their choice and we offer a chat service to help you choose the right product. Just click on the blue "Send us a Message" tab in the bottom right hand corner and it will connect us via Facebook messenger.

Happy shopping and please leave us a review after you've used your SwimCell waterproof case to help out other shoppers. 

Thanks :-)

Free UK delivery on orders over £25

We're offering free UK standard delivery on all orders over £25. Standard is Royal Mail 2nd class post which usually only takes 2-3 days to get to most homes in the UK.

This means you just need to buy 2 SwimCell waterproof cases for free delivery. Perfect, one for you, one for a friend.

There's loads of other options too. What about this:
1 x SwimCell Waterproof Case =£13.99
1 x SwimCell Phone and Key Float = £5.99
1 x HydraMate Foldable Water Bottle= £6.99

Total £26.97 = FREE SHIPPING

This saves you £2.90 which is more than 10% discount (11.6% to be exact)

We know that every little helps and this is our thank you to you!

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