About Us

SwimCell was born on a little tropical island in Indonesia at the end of 2013.

Gili Trawangan

The concept for SwimCell sprung from an idea of how awesome it would be to take photos in the water on a mobile phone without having to buy an expensive waterproof case or a waterproof camera.

It sounded like a simple idea, but with only one brand in the local vicinity which showed several flaws the mission was set to create a product that was easy to use, cool, funky, great quality and affordable.

SwimCell needed to be a practical product that worked for both locals and tourists, snorkellers, divers and beach bums. The initial success of SwimCell on the island showed what great potential there is for this brand worldwide in all sorts of water and snow activities.

Having worked in sales and with various products and large corporate companies for 15 years, Managing Director Amy Day decided to focus all her energies on developing SwimCell and bringing the world a fantastic product.

Amy Day Managing Director SwimCell"As I grew up on the coast in Cornwall I have never liked being very far away from the sea and beautiful beaches. To have a product that allows me to spend my time visiting businesses around the coasts makes me very happy indeed!" 

SwimCell's head office is based in the UK with distribution in several countries.

SwimCell is actively looking for more distributors worldwide, so please do contact us by email or contact form if you are interested in an opportunity to work with us. info@swimcell.com