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Lilac Blue

Our SwimCell Cotton Towel Changing Robe is made with high quality 380gsm 100% cotton terry towelling. It feels like your favourite bath towel. With no weird materials, soft on your skin and comfortable to wear.  Dryrobe

Throw this changing robe on after open water swimming in the sea or pool, surfing, a day on the beach, or to just snuggle in straight out the shower, bath or hot tub. You might even replace your dressing gown!

after your swim, get inside this snuggly towel changing robe. It will quickly absorb the water off your skin and hair so you can get your clothes back on (or not).

LAYER UP you might even choose to keep this changing robe on under your waterproof dryrobe. And extra layer is always helpful for keeping warm.


With this changing robe you can change anywhere with complete privacy. Dry off and warm up without flashing your bits to your fellow swimmers.

SIDE HAND HOLES We created side hand holes at the side, so you can easily pull your trousers up and we even added in an anti flash flaps so even these don't expose you. 

LONGER LENGTH changing robe to cover your knees and keep you warmer.

LONGER SLEEVES, we chose to make 3/4 length sleeves which mean you won't be dipping the ends of the sleeves in the water when you rinse off your socks. The long sleeves also keep your top half modesty and keep you a lot warmer by having your arms covered.

WIDE SLEEVES the arms of this towel changing robe are wide enough to pass your clothes through, but you can also put them through the neck hole or through the bottom. It's always good to have options.

A LARGE DEEP POCKET is essential for keeping your hands warm, storing your underwear, clothes or valuables.

HOT WATER BOTTLE The medium and large size will also hold a small hot water bottle, a favourite hack for open water swimmers to help keep your core warm after you've been swimming.

A SNUGGLY HOOD whether you have wet hair or not, a snuggly hood is really helpful for keeping heat in your body. Big enough to hold long hair to help it dry or pull it up on top of a hat.

 put this in the washing machine with all your other towels. You can air dry it outside or tumble dry on low. 

Large - Men/Women 180cm-200cm
Medium - Women/Men  160-180cm
Small - For Juniors  145-160cm
Ex Small - For Kids  120-145cm

Most adults taller than 169cm-180cm will be able to wear either the Medium or Large size.  It just depends whether you prefer to have something bigger or not.

CAN'T DECIDE WHICH SIZE CHANGING ROBE TO BUY? If you can't choose between the sizes, it's likely that you'll be fine in either, just choose whether you prefer it to be bigger and baggier and a little heavier or a bit more streamlined. We're more than happy to help you choose. Just send us a message. .

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Divya Madhavan
Very comfortable and practical

The material is soft to the skin especially for kids and is warm. My son loves it and prefers to have this instead of the conventional swim towel. I have ordered another one for my daughter as well.

Lovely swimming robe

I really like this robe, it’s lovely, thick, absorbent towelling, nice colour, and generously sized without swamping me. I had one from a different company that looked like it was towelling but the inside was weirdly smooth and non absorbent. The nifty little slits that enable you to get dressed comfortably and modestly are an added bonus.

Michael Snow

What an excellent invention. I went with this over the leading brand due to this having a pocket!! It really is handy, for changing on the beach in privacy, to getting out the hot tub. It's of superior quality, towelling material not micro fibre like some so it is absolutely worth the price point. It drys you super quick. For reference myself and husband both wore it, he's 6ft 3 slim build and I'm 5ft 3 and larger in size and the large size was perfect, it just came down longer on me which I liked but was nowhere near the floor, came past my knees. I wouldn't say it's a blue colour, it more purple in my opinion. Not so purple that a man cannot wear but I feel blue is the wrong description.


Whoaaaa very nice. Thick and does the job- not light weight but strong well made and warmI washed it before use no fluff and extra absorbentI do think the price is a bit high though for what it is I'm afraid although it is nice

elizabeth anne bodill

Warm and comfortable