SwimCell 100% Waterproof Key Case With Armband! Only £15.99

SwimCell 100% Waterproof Key Case With Armband! Only £15.99

March 09, 2017

Wondering what to do with your key when you go surfing, running or swimming?

We've got the answer to keep it safe and dry! Now you don't have to hide your key in the sand or on your car tyre and worry whether it's going to be stolen whilst you're riding the waves.

Our brand new armband key case is the perfect solution for your small valuables including keys, money, credit cards, MP3 player, I.D, fitness trackers, fitbit and jewellery. Measuring 10cm x 8cm it's pretty darn cute and very handy.

You can wear it around your arm or ankle with our super comfy armband that has a special square made from OK cloth (similar to neoprene) which prevents the plastic from directly touching and rubbing on your skin.

You can also attach the adjustable lanyard and wear it around your neck, chest or waist. Or simply tuck the small waterproof pouch into your wetsuit pocket. The ultimate key master.
Swimcell key case on lanyard. key master.

It has the same easy to use clamp as our other waterproof cases and has also been tested to 10m under water.

We've tried to think of everything and have even invented a small silicone key cover to go over your key when it's in the waterproof case to prevent the key from poking a hole through the side. (3 pack also available to purchase separately). Remember, you saw this here first!

The standard size armband which is included with the waterproof case will fit biceps from 20-30cm. If you're pretty buff you will need to purchase the Extra Long Armband which fits 30-50cm biceps (£4.99).

There are a couple of ways to wear the armband case for swimming and surfing.You might prefer to put the case facing inwards rather than outwards for extra protection from waves and surfboards catching on the clamp.
SwimCell armband key case inside out

We've splashed out of our normal colour range this time and made an orange case for extra visibility. If you are using this directly in the water without it being attached to your body we suggest you use a SwimCell float.

There are 4 colours available, so click here to get shopping!
SwimCell armband Case 4 colours

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