August 03, 2018

These SwimCell Beach Socks are probably our all round, favourite new product.

They are so versatile that you can wear these lightweight neoprene socks to protect your feet inside or outside on your adventures. 

With a full length 3mm rubber sole they are the perfect beach socks for sand, rocks, coral, swimming, snorkelling and watersports. We've thoroughly tested them on the corally beaches of Gili Trawangan and everyone we meet who tries them on wants a pair. They are just like a low cut ankle sock and are really easy to put on with the elasticated opening.

Let's quote one of the local kite boarders "These are the best booties I've ever worn". If he thinks so, who are we to argue! He explained how he loved that they are tight around the ankle so the sand can't get in and rub between your toes. (Yes, these were the pre-production socks in a fancy tiger pattern)

SwimCell Beach Socks For kite surfing

These are great non slip socks for kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, canoeing, kite surfing and other water sports giving you extra grip on your board, keeping the sand out of your toes.

These are much more lightweight than a traditional beach shoe. They can easily roll up or fold up into your pocket or bag or can be stored in the storage bag that they come in. Weighing between 60g and 80g you wont even notice you're carrying them unlike a clumpy water beach shoe.

They are great swimming socks and are non slip around the outside of  a swimming pool (although for some reason not on the bottom of the pool). 

Don't walk home barefoot from the night club again, these are the perfect roll up shoe that fits in your handbag (or other hiding places) that you can wear on your walk home after you've danced the night away in heels. 

These fold up socks feel like you're walking barefoot, just with more confidence. It's not quite a barefoot shoe, which have more restriction. These beach socks allow your feet to move naturally whilst protecting your skin from sand, rocks and heat or cold.

These beach socks for swimming are for men and women with unisex sizing. You just need to check out our size chart to find which size you need. If you're stuck in between sizes we suggest you choose the smaller option as the sock gets slightly bigger in water.

SwimCell Beach Sock For Swimming Size Guide

They are so comfortable that you probably wont want to take them off and will find all kinds of excuses to wear them.

How about for travelling? Imagine when you're on the airplane and you don't want to put your swollen feet back into shoes, you can just slip these on for your trip to the toilet. It will save your socks absorbing the various liquids on the bathroom floor! They'll also keep your feet nice and warm.

Each pair comes with an information card and a ziplock storage bag to keep your SwimCell Beach Socks in.

SwimCell Beach Sock Zip Lock Storage Bag

Most people buy these with our 20L Dry bag back pack and a SwimCell Waterproof phone case.

Click here to visit our shop and get your very own pair of super comfy SwimCell Beach Socks for only £9.99

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