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    This waterproof key holder pouch is the perfect place to keep your car, house or bike key when you want to go for a run, swim or surf but don't know what to do with your keys. Now you can take your keys with you our 100% waterproof case for keys.

    100% WATERPROOF KEY POUCH - An easy to use twist lock seal keeps your key dry and safe wherever you go. Ideal for swimming, surfing, running, paddle boarding, kayaking, windsurfing, or gym workouts.

    CERTIFIED IPX8- the highest waterproof rating and tested to 10m underwater.

    MEASUREMENTS - The case measures 10cm x 8cm. Window 8cm x 5cm.

    ARMBAND - Makes the key holder easy and comfortable to wear . Made with super soft material our unique velcro adjustable armband, designed with a fabric square to prevent skin irritation, ensures it's comfortable to wear around your arm, wrist, or ankle on bare skin or over the top of clothes.

    FITS ARMS OR ANKLES measuring 20-38cm in circumference, with XXL armband straps and belts available to purchase.

    NECK LANYARD - Use the adjustable neck lanyard to wear it around your neck or chest and tuck it in your wetsuit.

    SILICONE KEY COVER - This is our own invention, a silicone key blade cover is included inside this waterproof key pouch. The key cover helps prevent your car or house key poking a hole through the SwimCell waterproof case.

    MUSIC ON-THE-GO - To use this waterproof case with an MP3 player choose our headphone jack version to use with wired headphones or without for use with Bluetooth. Enjoy music while keeping your essentials dry. 

    DESIGNED BY US and Design Protected 6180970.

    SwimCell's waterproof key pouch is part of our awesome collection of open water swimming, paddle boarding, water sport and surfing accessories. 

    Customer Reviews

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    Dan Hathaway



    Faultless throughout the summer with many swims.

    Phylippa A.

    I use it when swimming in the sea and need somewhere to keep my car key and bank card safe.


    Great device for a beach. Don't need to worry about leaving your belongings unattended. Perfectly holds a phone and a small wallet or few cards inside. Fully waterproof. Could go on the arm or leg.


    I needed this as I was traveling solo on holiday - thus I had no one to look after my key or money if I'm swimming at the beach or pool. I had no issues with it at all other than on my last day of swimming I think condensation built up a bit inside which wasn't a problem.I did keep this in my pocket whilst swimming and it only fell out my pocket once in the sea (which I thankfully saw in the distance and swam to it since I didn't realise it fell out) and twice in the pool. I didn't want to use the armband or lanyard that it came with, so putting it in my pocket worked other than the few occasions it fell out.I like that it came with a key cover, lanyard and armband. Really nice touch. Though, the armband is a bit awkward in my opinion with its design - unless of course I'm doing something wrong.Very impressive product which did what I needed.