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Keep the water out of your ears with these waterproof earplugs for swimming, watersports, shower and bath.

SwimCell Design
These soft, comfortable SwimCell waterproof ear plugs are suitable for most adults. They have a larger, rounder plug than most other waterproof ear plugs creating a better seal within the ear minimising the risk of the earplugs falling out and water getting in.

If you consider that you have a small ear canal they may not be suitable for you, however you can also trim the head of the earplug to make it smaller.

How to Use
The waterproof earplugs identify the right or left ear with and R or L, but you’ll soon get used to which goes in each side. TIP- The one that looks like an L shape when you’re holding it by the plunger goes in the left ear.

Ensure that sure you insert the earplug into the ear until you feel the seal. They will sit flush into the shape of your ear, this may need a bit of practice to get them into the right position. Some people find they get a better seal when the earplugs are slight wet first.

Bright Colours
If you accidentally drop the earplugs into the swimming pool, the bright colours make them easy to see, unlike blue earplugs which blend in with the colour of the pool. These earplugs sink slowly giving you time to grab them.

Storage Box
Each pair of swimming earplugs comes with it’s own SwimCell storage box so you can keep the earplugs safe in between use. This will also float if the case is accidentally dropped in the water. 

Great For All Water Related Activities
These waterproof earplugs are great for swimming, surfing or simply using at home for a bath or shower. Keeping water our of your ears with waterproof earplugs lessens the change of infection and stops water getting in your ears.

Great Value
We only sell packs of 2 or 4 pairs of waterproof earplugs enabling us to offer you better value giving you better value. Use the 2nd pair as a back up, spare or for a friend or partner.

UK Company
We’re a UK company only selling products that we use ourselves and that we believe are the best. Quality and customer service are really important to us so feel free to get in contact.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews

Received as described and no damage.

Iain Sheard
Great earplugs.

I bought these recently as I love to swim but hate to get water in my ears. They fitted easily and snugly, most importantly I got no water in my ears. Which was brilliant as I had a gorgeous full moon bathe in my pool. Floating under the full moon in comfort and no ear ache later. Thanks so much!


I needed these not for swimming but to protect my ear because of an ear infection after I was told I must keep the inside of my ear dry whilst in the shower. I had already tried the ear plugs I keep for air travel but they were hopeless and just fell out. It's very important that instructions are followed for using the Swimcell ear plugs as I didn't the first time and paid for it. They are marked L and R but the letters are difficult to make out but once you work it out the shape of the plug makes it obvious. I have purchased 2 packs as I am so pleased with them.

Lara Short

useful earplugs for shower

Erin T.

Absolute game changer for me! These are great little ear plugs, keep the water out whilst swimming and you can still hear what's going on. Really great value!!