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Anti Sickness Wrist Bands Provide Natural Relief For Travel Sickness, Sea Sickness, Morning Sickness and other nausea. Use in Car, Boat, Train or Plane or for Morning Sickness and Nausea. 

Standard Size 16cm and smaller
Large Size more than 16cm

Do you suffer from Travel Sickness and Nausea?
We did too until we tried these AMAZING anti sickness wrist bands.
Now we can ride in the back of a car through windy mountain roads without feeling sick! These were life changing for us in preventing car sickness and sea sickness.

How Do They Work?
Based on ancient Chinese medicine, the Nei-Guan (P6) point is located between 2 tendons on the inside of your arm. Steady pressure on these points triggers the pressure point reducing or stopping the feeling of nausea.

This is a natural therapy with no drugs or medications and is therefore suitable for women suffering with morning sickness.

How to Use the Motion Sickness Wrist Bands
For best results wear these wrist bands before your journey begins.
You must wear both wrist bands at the same time for them to be effective.

We provide full instructions with Photos.
We know it sounds a bit complicated and it’s important to use the wrist bands properly so we’ve made detailed instructions with photos so you can easily learn how to use the SwimCell Motion Sickness Wrist Bands.

One size fits all wrists.
Yes they’re supposed to be tight to press on your pressure point.
It might take a bit of practice to get the button in the right place so don’t give up.

Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
Lee Calladine
Stopped my daughter from feeling motion sickness immediately

Was a little dubious as to whether this would work as my daughter did suffer from quite bad travel sickness, which left us driving like an extra from Driving Miss Daisy.She put them on and on the first journey she was fine, we've used these many times now and she is cured. Sounds cringy to say but these have changed the way we travel and don't have to be so worried about her carrying a sick bag wherever we go.

Amazon Customer
Perfect for kids

Works well and Kids like it.

Erin D.

I suffer with sinus issues which make me feel very dizzy and sick. These help to relieve some of that.

Sophie McMurrough
Essential for morning sickness

I suffered with horrific morning sickness and these bands seemed to help. They are quite small and they remain relatively tight as they need to apply pressure to the wrist so if youre a slightly larger lady they /05/ be uncomfortable. They seemed to ease the nausea to a tolerable level but didnt take it away. My mum also used them for chemo sickness too.Tip - buy a few pairs as you wont want to take them off for the wash!

Amazon Customer

I’ve been extremely travel sick from a very young age and find it very hard to travel more than half an hour without feeling nauseous. While I’d ran out of my usual medication these helped me travel over 2 hours before feeling queasy.