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The HydraMate Foldable Water Bottle stands up when full, folds flat and rolls up into the clip when empty. It holds 750mls making it the perfect accessory for walking, hiking, festivals and every day use.

Refill and Reuse this BPA FREE collapsible water bottle
Fill the HydraMate Foldable Bottle with water, juice or a whole bottle of wine if you like! It’s BPA FREE which makes it safe to use over and over again. Made with taste free plastic for a great on-the-go hydration experience. Refill from the tap at home of from drinking water stations all over the world.

Holds 750ml / 26oz. This is a BIG one!
This collapsible bottle holds loads of water to keep you hydrated whilst you're on your adventures. But if you don't want to carry so much you don’t have to fill it all the way up. You can even FREEZE it half full and have ice cold water. Perfect for water, juice and other still cold drinks.

Handy Viewing Window.
The HydraMate Foldable bottle has a clear viewing window and a clear base so you can easily see how much water you have left. Perfect if you're monitoring your water intake.

Strong, Easy to use Lid with Hygienic Cap.
Pull up to open, push down to close. Or simply just twist the lid off like a normal screw cap bottle. Use the strong, clear plastic hygiene cap to keep the drinking spout clean. If you prefer another style lid you can easily swap it over.

6cm Carabiner.
The foldable bottle is flat when empty and rolls up effortlessly into the 6cm carabiner clip. Meanwhile you can use this clip to carry the bottle in your hand or, clip it to your bag saving space inside and keeping your drink accessible at all times.

Folds down flat when it’s empty.
The HydraMate Foldable Bottle is collapsible to a mere 34g when it’s empty, it can even fit in your pocket whilst you wait to refill. Keep it flat or roll it up and put it in your bag or pocket, the choice is yours.

Perfect for Travel.
Navigate airport security easily, take the empty, flat bottle through security at the airport and refill for free on the other side. We road tested HydraMate for months throughout India and Central America and many more travel adventures.

Festival Water Bottle
The HydraMate Foldable Bottle is perfect for music festivals and gigs, allowing you to refill and reuse your bottle again and again, because it's lightweight it's not cumbersome to carry. We've heard this bottle is perfect for sneaking in booze in your wellies (shh). Great for hiking, walking, gym, fitness classes and every day activities.

Easy to Clean
This soft, flexible and squeezable water bottle is easy to clean with a bit of hot soapy water, give it good shake, rinse well and air dry.

So long as your don't drop the bottle too hard when it's full, and avoid puncturing it with anything sharp, this bottle will last you your whole journey and more. We usually get 6-12 months from a bottle depending on use but many of our customers have used them for multiple years.

Use with Water Filter Straws
The HydraMate Collapsible Bottle has a standard 28mm bottle neck which makes it compatible with most water filter straws, like our HydraMate Water Filter Straw which comes with a free squeezable water pouch.

Minimise Your Impact on the Environment.
Stop buying single use plastic bottles and join us in travelling the world promoting water refills. This bottle is environmentally and eco friendly also helping you save money and the planet. 

We designed this bottle ourselves and Design Protected 6180971

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Customer Reviews

Based on 166 reviews

Bought this for a music Festival. Good capacity, collapses nicely and the clip made carrying around much easier than those my friends had


Bought this for hill walking and it was ideal - leak proof and folded up nicely once empty.

Penny S

Bought this as an add on gift for my elderly father in law who is a very keen walker and covers an average of 5 miles daily - so needs water along the way. He was thrilled to bits with the fold up design as it will be less weight for him to carry around in his backpack as the walk progresses. Excellent.


It's not terribly easy to put in a bag when it's empty but it's good for the environment.

Paul Fennenmore

I like these drink carriers as they take u pa lot lees room in your pocket or rucksack. However, the plastic is fairly stiff, which in one is good as they keep their shape, but on the other hand they are prone to cracking but only after many uses.