What SwimCell Customers Say

   "Highly Recommended"
"My SwimCell looks great, the colour is really vivid and the material feels strong. I take my SwimCell for my phone when I cycle and it's easy to take a call whilst riding. I'm very pleased." -Mark Langley. Owner of Quella Bicycles
               "Gives Me Peace of Mind On the Water"
"I use my SwimCell all the time. It gives me peace of mind when I’m on the water and It’s great to be able to use my phone and keep it dry.” -Claire Brown. Team Keane Rowing Coach

A Must Have Item For Any Family"
"It’s perfect for days out, beach, theme parks, walks and bike rides. When you have children and you’re out and about you know your mobile is 100% waterproof in the bag with drinks, snacks, wet items of clothing etc." -Vicky Morris. Mum of 3
"Everyone I Know Wants One!"
"A truly great product! I was amazed at how well my touch screen still works and the quality of photos I get. It gives me peace of mind that my phone is protected at the beach and around the pool.” -Zoey Cain. Traveller
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