SwimCell 100% Waterproof Case For Phone

SwimCell 100% Waterproof Case 
For Phone, Tablet, Camera, Money, Passport, Keys etc.
Total Protection From Water, Sand, Dirt and Dust
And You Can Still Use Your Phone While It's In The Bag!

This is a simple and incredibly effective way to protect your phone or tablet when you're in or near the water, rain, snow, sand, dirt, coloured powder paint or anything else that might ruin your phone. 

With 2 or 3 easy to use twist lock wheels you can confidently seal your phone away from the elements giving you 100% protection.

We currently have 4 sizes which fit all phones and most tablets. SwimCell 100% Waterproof Case For Phone Original - for phones measuring up to 10cm x 15cm anything similar to iphone will fit. It's a bit of a squeeze for the iphone 6 plus so you should choose our larger case.

For larger phones our SwimCell Phablet Waterproof Case fits phones and small tablets (aka Phablets) measuring up to 10cm x 19cm, phones similar to iphone6 plus and Samsung Galaxy Note with fit in here easily. 

We have 2 tablet cases one for iPad size and one for iPad mini. The cases will hold all kinds of tablets so just measure your device first to see whether you need our large or small version.

Our soft PVC material makes SwimCell really nice to use, and with full, crystal clear windows on both sides it doesn't matter which way around you put your phone in the waterproof bag and we're the only brand that has fun colours!

You can still use your phone from inside the case, make calls, send texts, take photos and videos. From just £13.99 you can take your phone places it's never been before and enjoy an inexpensive way to keep your phone and other belongings safe.

All you have to do is select your favourite colour SwimCell Waterproof Case below and pop it in your shopping cart.