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SwimCell Microfibre 2 in 1 Changing Robe and Towel For Adults and Kids with a hood and large pocket. For Open Water Swimming, Pool Side, Surfing, Water Sports, Beach and Bath.

DESIGNED FOR PRIVACY – CHANGE WITHOUT WORRY. Our clever robe design has enough cross over fabric on the sides to prevent you flashing fellow swimmers. Secured all the way down the sides with poppers.

OPENS INTO A LARGE TOWEL ideal for the beach or park. You could even use it as a blanket in a car or plane.

PERFECT FOR SUNBEDS - We reversed the last popper on the towel so it can securely hold over the top of a sunbed preventing it from sliding down. (We're sure it won't be long before other brands start copying this cool idea)

ROLLS UP SMALL into it's own elastic loop making it easy to carry and pack away neatly in your bag. You could also use it as a small pillow whilst you're travelling in the car or plane.

QUICK DRYING and LIGHT WEIGHT –  Microfibre suede is SUPER ABSORBANT and can hold 7 times it’s weight in water, drying you off quickly so you can get on with your day.

ULTRA SOFT - We tested lots of different microfibers until we found one that we actually liked using ourselves. This one doesn't make us cringe like so many others.

The TIGHT KNIT KEEPS YOU WARMER by helping to prevent the wind blowing straight through the fabric. This makes it a great, extra under layer to a waterproof dry robe in the winter.

EASY TO WASH - Bung it in the washing machine on 30 degrees and air dry or tumble dry on low.

AVAILABLE IN 4 SIZES - 2 for adults, 2 for kids.
Large – 90 x 120cm
Medium – 80 x 110cm
Small – 75 x 100cm
Extra Small 70 x 90cm

Large and medium sizes fit a small hot water bottle in the pocket.

DESIGNED IN THE UK- we only make products that we love and use ourselves, so you’ll find attention to detail in our designs that make using our products more enjoyable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
100% Satisfied with this robe/towel

Such a fantastic robe/towel all in one!
Super soft, absorbent and comfortable. Handy snaps on both sides, a roomy hood and a great length. You can quickly & easily remove your wet swimsuit without ‘bearing all.’
Washes well and dries quickly.
Thanks Swim Cell for the perfect solution to staying dry and comfortable after a swim or hot tub. I am a 100% satisfied customer!

Andrew c
Great buy

So I bought the blue changing robe after buying a pink one they are both great . Only curious think is the pink one I bought a couple of week’s earlier doesnt have the elastic loop . But they are both fab

Lesley Mariner

The robe is perfect! I bought the junior child’s one as although I am an adult I am only 4’ 10”. It’s a very good size for me.
It is light to carry and dries very quickly.
I like the fact that you can un-popper the sides to make it into a towel and also by un-poppering just the top popper it gives you a bit more space to put your arms inside when you need a bit more room getting changed.
It was deleivered promptly and I am very pleased with my purchase.

George Tong
Packable portable, excellent kit

Yep it’s light enough to carry in a rucksack it doesn’t get much heavier after use and will protect against chill for a quick change and dry.

Ray Parry
Just what we needed

We bought this for our scout to take to South Korea to the World Scout Jamboree. Will be very handy for throwing on after a shower. Great that it can open out and double up as a standard towel too. Packs up small enough, not too heavy and material is soft and absorbent so perfect and much less bulky than towelling options. A very useful bit of kit - thanks 😊