October 13, 2019

As Summer turns to Autumn and Autumn turns into winter, here in the UK we know that means one thing. More rain.

More rain means puddles, pour downs and an increase in effort to stay dry while you're out and about. 

With our reliance on smart phones it's essential to keep them dry, but how do you deal with that when you need to check something in the middle of a downpour. Or more so, if you need to follow google maps to get you to your destination.

Depending on how heavy the rain is, you might get soaked through to the skin, pockets filled with water, puddles in shoes. It's miserable.

Think of the deliveroo riders, uber eats cyclists and bike couriers who are out in the rain for hours at a time, finding destinations they've never been to before.

It's therefore really important to stop your phone from getting wet in the rain. We have a couple of solutions, depending on whether you want to keep your phone tucked away in your pocket, around your neck or chest, attached to your arm or leg or attached to your bicycle handle bars on a special handlebar mount for a waterproof phone case.

swimcell bicycle handle bar mount waterproof case

Our SwimCell Waterproof Case for Bicycle handlebars is one perfect solution if you need to have your phone out on your bike, want to follow google maps, receive a phone call, listen to music. This makes it all possible. Best of all, there are no zips which let water in. This is 100% waterproof sealed with our patented SwimCell clamp.

swimcell waterproof case clamp phone case

The case, for just £19.99 can attach to your handlebar with the included mount. You'll hear 2 clicks to know that the case is attached to the clamp properly. You can click the case on and off as needed. Alternatively, as with all our cases you can use the neck lanyard to wear it around your neck or across your chest.

The handlebar attachment allows 360 degree rotation so you can choose which way round you prefer to have your phone.

Waterproof phone case handle bar mount rain

Another alternative is our SwimCell Waterproof armband case, which can be worn around the arm or leg. There are 2 versions, with and without a headphone jack. We know lots of you like to listen to music whilst riding, although we don't condone this, but the option is there for you to make your own decision. The headphone jack case is also larger so will fit bigger phones, which would then need to be used with wireless headphones. A belt is available for both of these options so that you could wear the waterproof phone case around your waist.

The advantage of having this waterproof phone case on your arm, if you're a bike courier, is that you don't need to keep clipping the case on and off the handlebars. Your phone will still be 100% protected from the rain.

 waterproof phone case for running cycling with headphones

Whichever option you choose we wish you the very best in keeping your phone dry this winter. We offer free shipping on all orders over £35, so browse through our range of products and see what waterproof essential you could buy for yourself or as a gift for someone else.

For those of you who prefer Amazon Prime delivery click here.

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