March 15, 2018

Our latest waterproof case to hit the shelves is every cyclists dream! A 100% waterproof phone case with a handlebar mount for your bicycle!

Now you can keep your phone in front of you safely attached to the handlebar making it really easy to follow your GPS or track your ride whilst you cycle. What's more is your phone will be 100% protected from the elements giving you peace of mind.
SwimCell Waterproof Bike Case Handlebar Mount
Yes, you can still use the phone from inside the case, make phone calls, take photos and listen to music. As it’s a bit controversial, we left out the headphone jack, but you can still use wireless headphones if you want to listen to music whilst you cycle.

The SwimCell Waterproof Case for bicycles is 100% waterproof meaning no rain can get inside this case whilst you cycle to work or ride through the countryside. You might even choose to mount it onto a rowing paddle whilst you're on the water.

The case fits all phones up to the large iPhone Plus and X models and Samsung Plus models. The usable space measures 10cm (4inch) wide and 17cm (6.75 inch)long so as long as your phone is smaller than these measurements it will fit. There is a large window on the front to view your screen and a small one on the back for your phones camera.  
SwimCell Waterproof Case For Bicylce handle bar mount
The case slides on and off the clamp using a little bit of force and rotates 360 degrees so you can choose which angle you’d like your phone to be at. The rotating wheel then tightens the case into position and you’re good to head on your way.

Waterproof phone case bike mount

The waterproof bike case is really easy to install and we’ve included a small inner rubber section which can be used on smaller handlebars or paddles.

To use, simply attach the clamp onto the handle bar and tighten with the screw. Use the inner rubber inserts if need.

You can leave this mount on your bike the whole time, unless you’re worried someone will steal it. If you’re confident it’s in the right place you could always glue it on for extra security.

Put your phone into the case before or after attaching it onto the bike. Simply use the 2 twist lock wheels to open and close the case.
Clip the phone case clip on and off as needed.

We’ve included an adjustable neck lanyard inside the package so that you can use your phone around your chest or neck. Take it on holiday with you or for a swim in the lake. See how cool Pedro looks below!
SwimCell Waterproof Case For Bicyle

There’s a small window on the back side in case you want to take photos. There's no need to take your phone out the case, just make sure you put your phone in camera first. Our favourite use of this window is to use the phones torch as a road light.
waterproof bike mount phone case

There is one more option with the case and that’s putting it onto a belt and wearing it around your waist. Although it won't be so easy to take a phone call if it's attached through the belt unless you have wireless headphones.

This really is a versatile bit of kit and for £19.99 it’s great value for money.

Don’t forget to tag us in your photos when you’re out and about on your adventures using SwimCell gear.

To get your SwimCell 100% Waterproof Phone Case with Handlebar Mount Click here!

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