Waterproof Case for Bluetooth Speaker JBL Flip 3

SwimCell Waterproof Speaker Cover

January 30, 2017

We've just discovered our favourite use of the large SwimCell waterproof ipad case!

It was originally designed for an ipad but fits a JBL Flip3 bluetooth speaker perfectly and means you can take your tunes with you anywhere without worrying about getting sand and water in your speaker. (Make sure your phone is also in a SwimCell).Waterproof Speaker JBL FLip inside a SwimCell Waterproof Case

We took ours out on a boat trip around some islands in East Lombok this week and loved being able to play tunes on the boat and the beach without worry.

There are lots of "waterproof" or "water resistant" bluetooth speakers out there but if you're heading to the beach, you definitely don't want to get any sand or salt water inside the speaker.

When electronics say they are waterproof they generally only mean they are good in fresh water, not salt water, so always use double protection.

The sound quality was a bit different inside the case but we didn't mind because at least we knew the speaker wasn't going to get ruined. 

We LOVE this JBL Flip 3 and would definitely recommend it.

What other random ideas do you have for SwimCell?

Check out our waterproof speaker covers here:

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