Pokemon Go Waterproof Phone Case

Pokemon Go Waterproof Phone Case

July 17, 2016

Make Your Phone Waterproof For Pokemon Go

With all the hubub of Kim Kardashian using a waterproof case for her phone last week on Keeping Up With The Kardashians we thought we'd have a look at the next craze of Pokemon Go.

If you're a child born before the early 80's you probably have no idea what it is, we still aren't 100% sure but it seems as though you can travel the real world capturing virtual Pokemon! 

This got us wondering as to whether there are any Pokemon to capture underwater and if so you're going to need to make your phone waterproof! If you want to get more water type Pokemon you have to get near the water. 

Let's think about this for a minute... that means you might be able to capture Pokemon in your bath or shower! On the beach, in a swimming pool or under the ocean. Maybe in a waterfall! Who knows where the next Pokemon will be! What you need though is to protect your phone so you can take it in the water and still keep playing Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Waterproof Case For Phones

If you don't want to pay a fortune for a waterproof phone case get yourself a SwimCell 100% waterproof case that let's you take your iphone or android in and under the water. It will even provide extra protection for your phone incase you get over excited and drop it. 

We have 4 sizes available for all phones and tablets, so now when you spot that little guy you can Go get him without worry!

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