Phone Lost for 10 Days Underwater Found Undamged

Phone Lost for 10 Days Underwater Found Undamged

April 15, 2019

There's nothing like a real life happy story with a product review to make our hearts feel happy. Here's a story from Jasmine that she sent us last week.

"Review 10/10. I received a swimcell waterproof phone case around 2 years ago as a gift and have used it fairly regularly since. A couple weeks ago I was surfing at my local beach and my girlfriend was using my phone, in the phone case, to take photos. She unfortunately dropped the phone as a wave knocked her arm and it fell into the sea. After a small while of looking for the case we gave up and came back the next day to check if the lower tide would reveal the phone, it unfortunately did not. We assumed the phone and case were a write off and lost permanently. However, 10 days after the loss of the phone an elderly couple found the phone in a clump of seaweed, they returned the phone and to our amazement it had suffered no water damage and was working perfectly fine! The phone had remained underwater in the case for 10 days with the tide coming up and down twice a day and stayed dry thanks to the phone case. It was truly amazing and very impressive that a reasonably priced phone case protected my iPhone for 10 days underwater. So thank you very much for a quality and reliable product at a very reasonable price."
SwimCell Waterproof Case underwater review
The only thing we would suggest that if you want your phone to float, either use our large case which can trap more air in the bag, or attach our SwimCell Key Float.

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