New! HydraMate Water Filter Straws

New! HydraMate Water Filter Straws

October 04, 2017

We've been working on these little beauties for a while and now we're ready to introduce you to our HydraMate Water Filter Straws.

They're the perfect companion for our HydraMate Foldable Water Bottle and your outdoor adventures. Not only that, but many people are creating emergency preparedness and survival kits in case of disaster and these straws can be an essential piece of gear helping you make clean drinking water in the event you don't have any.

If you're looking for the best solution for filtering water when you're out hiking and camping in the backcountry or looking for items that you need in your emergency preparedness kit then keep reading.
HydraMate Water Filter Straws Standard and Mini  HydraMate Water Filter Straw Before and After

The filter straw is available in 2 sizes, Standard and Mini. They allow you to filter 1500/1200 Litres (approx 356 gal) of water easily and quickly removing 99.9999% of bacteria including E. coli and Salmonella and 99.9% of protozoan cysts including Giardia and Cryptosporidium.

The standard straw will also remove some heavy metals and bad tastes including Arsenic, Cadmium, Copper, Iron, Lead, Aluminium and Mercury as it has the addition of Activated Coconut Carbon and Silver ions.


The standard straw has 3 layers of filtration, and 2 layers for the mini straw. 
1) Pre-Filter to remove larger particles of dirt. 
2) Coconut Carbon Filter with Silver ions. (Standard straw only).
3) Medical grade ultra filtration membrane which removes bacteria and protozoa.

Both straws are lightweight weighing only 60g/40g (2oz). The mini straw measures just 11.5cm, fitting into the palm of your hand, it skips out on the carbon element but it is a perfectly suitable filter for fresh water situations or even everyday use on your water bottle if your drinking water tastes too much like Chlorine.

HydraMate Mini Water Filter Straw

The straws attach to any standard 28mm bottle and we're including a HydraMate Foldable Bottle worth £7.99 in each straw kit. 

HydraMAte Mini Water Filter Straw Attached to Bottle

We've added a few extra, useful tools, like a compass and mirror, this doubles up as a hygienic cap for the bottom of the personal water filter straw.

HydraMate Filter Straw with mirror       HydraMate Filter Straw Compass

The wide strap neck lanyard has a quick release clip to make it easy to clip the straw on and off your backpack or from around your neck. Equally, it's long enough to have around your neck and drink the water.

The water filter kit contains everything you need including full instructions and a resealable bag to keep everything in.

HydraMate Water Filter Straw Kit

You can use the straw in a variety of ways.
1) Drink directly from the water source with or without the extension straw.
2) Attach the straw to the bottle and drink directly.
3) Squeeze the water through the bottle into another container.
4) Attach to the end of a water bladder straw.

To see the straw in action check out this 60 second video. And yes, Amy consumed a lot of very dirty lake water in the making and didn't get sick at all!

After Use
Simply blow back into the straw to remove any remaining water. You can also flick the water out of the straw. No syringe needed.

Top Tips

To prolong the life of your straw we recommend always drinking from the cleanest water you can find and if the water is muddy, let it settle and drink from the clearer water at the top.

If the water you are drinking is at risk of viruses please use a water purifying tablet in conjunctions with the straw. 

Compare the 2 straws with the chart below and simply add it to your cart.

Standard Filter Straw Mini Filter Straw
Filters 3 Layers 2 Layers
Capacity 1500L (396gal) 1200L (356gal)
Weight 60g (2oz) 40g (1.2 oz)
Size 17.5xm x 3.3cm 11.5cm x 3.3cm
Flow Rate 550ml per minute 550ml per minute
Removes particles Yes Yes
Removes waterborne bacteria and protozoa Yes. 99.9999% including E. coli and Salmonella and 99.9% of protozoa cysts including Giardia and Cryptosporidium Yes. 99.9999% including E. coli and Salmonella and 99.9% of protozoa cysts including Giardia and Cryptosporidium
Removes Heavy Metals Yes including Arsenic, Cadmium, Copper, Iron, Lead,  Aluminum and Mercury. No
Removes Viruses No. Use purifying tablets or UV light if at risk No. Use purifying tablets or UV light if at risk

Add your preferred straw to your cart today and SAVE 20% with Code STRAW20 until the end of October 2017. 

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