Let's Go Running in The Rain With A Waterproof Armband Case For Your Phone!

Let's Go Running in The Rain With A Waterproof Armband Case For Your Phone!

April 03, 2018

Spring has sprung and April showers are upon us but fear not, with our new 100% Waterproof Armband Cases you can still go running in the rain with your phone and not worry about it getting wet! Heck, you could even go swimming with it!

We’ve got 2 models. One with a headphone jack so you can plug your headphones in £19.99.

The other without a headphone jack for use with wireless headphones £17.99.

Both waterproof armband phone cases come with a FREE reflective neon yellow armband for night running which you can wear on your opposite arm or ankle if you prefer. (Pack of 2 also available separately click here to view).

Headphones are not included purely because each person has a different preference for style whether wrap around, ear bud, headphones etc. Just make sure if you’re going in the pool with your case that you’ve got waterproof headphones.

We’ve included a wide, high quality adjustable armband that’s soft to the touch with a large square of fabric so that the plastic case won’t rub directly on your arm. The armband fits most average biceps up to 25cm. If you need a larger armband you can buy our XL armband which fits biceps up to 50cm. Click here to view.

XL Armband

You can also purchase a belt if you would prefer to run with your case around your waist. 

The cases are large (either 10.5cm x 15.3cm or 10.5cm x 17cm) and they have to be to make sure they are 100% waterproof. Every case has our patented twist lock clamp on the top making sure water can’t get inside also making it easy to open and close so you can get your phone in and out quickly.

Now you can run in the rain or even swim with your phone on your arm without worrying about your phone.

You can still use your phone through the case. It’s easy to browse the internet, send messages, change your music or make a phone call. Best of all you can easily check your running stats whilst you’re on the go with a simple glance at your arm.

The case with headphone jack fits all sizes of phones. Although for iPhone and Samsung Plus models and other large Android phones you will most likely need to use wireless headphones as there is not enough space for the headphone jack to fit in. Not such a big deal with the new iPhone models that don’t accept headphone jacks.

Visit our website to see more details and photos of these 2 awesome cases.

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