HydraMate Foldable Bottle For Summer Picnics

HydraMate Foldable Bottle For Summer Picnics

May 11, 2017

Summer is coming and we've just stocked up on our HydraMate Foldable Bottle. Our new packaging has a more eco friendly look to match the philosophy of our bottle which is all about reducing one time use plastic bottles.

If you're out and about on adventures then you need to take water with you for important hydration.

That's not the only change we've made. We've also added a loop to attach the hygiene cap as we heard that a few people have lost the caps.

With a capacity of 750ml (22oz) this soft, collapsible bottle can provide you with water for an afternoon and even hold a full bottle of wine. That makes it perfect for taking to the beach or park for a Summer picnic.

We've heard some people use these bottles to take alcohol on cruises so buying a couple at a time is a great idea.

Check out this great review from Clearwater Snorkeling who also has loads of reviews for other useful holiday items.

Order your HydraMate Foldable Bottle today and start saving one time use bottles, money and our environment.
HydraMate can save hundreds of one time use bottles. Make a change today.

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