October 14, 2019

You might have heard of the Shewee, and had a giggle about it. But have you ever used a Female Funnel? Guys, your'e excused, it's the ladies who adventure that we're interested in. (Feel free to read anyway).

Those who travel in Asia and have to face squatting over a filthy hole in the ground. Those who hike in the woods and get fed up of pee sprinkling on their walking boots. Walkers in the wilderness who can't be bothered heading off the trail, or those who like to stand at the front of the stage at a festival hours in advance of the show so they can get the best view. How about those of you who get desperate for a pee in the car and have no where to go. What if you could pee in a bottle or just stand next to the car rather than having to make the obvious squat?

The HydraMate Female Funnel is a game changer, we tested lots of versions to bring you the best. A perfect mix between lightweight and sturdiness. We found some of the silicone funnels were too flimsy increasing risk of an accidental squash, some were massive and heavy so not travel friendly at all.

HydraMate Femal Funnel Urine Shewee Festival camping

We chose a strong but flexible rubber, giving you security that the funnel is not going to collapse in your hand mid flow. It weighs just 21g and can fit in your pocket. It will fold in half if you need it too. 

HydraMate Femal Funnel Urine size

Each funnel comes in it's own re-sealable storage bag and best of all they only cost £4.99. 

Rubber not silicone urination funnel for festivals

We suggest that you practice at home with it before going out into the wilderness, but we didn't have any accidents. Just hold it firmly against your body and you're good to go. There are a few different ways of holding it so just work out what works best for you. Click here to add yours to your cart today.

HydraMate Female Funnel Camping and Hiking

Bundle it up with a HydraMate Water Filter Straw or HydraMate Foldable Water Bottle and you're good to go off on your adventure.

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