Free UK delivery on orders over £25

Free UK delivery on orders over £25

November 29, 2016

Free UK delivery on orders over £25

We're offering free UK standard delivery on all orders over £25. Standard is Royal Mail 2nd class post which usually only takes 2-3 days to get to most homes in the UK.

This means you just need to buy 2 SwimCell waterproof cases for free delivery. Perfect, one for you, one for a friend.

There's loads of other options too. What about this:
1 x SwimCell Waterproof Case =£13.99
1 x SwimCell Phone and Key Float = £5.99
1 x HydraMate Foldable Water Bottle= £6.99

Total £26.97 = FREE SHIPPING

This saves you £2.90 which is more than 10% discount (11.6% to be exact)

We know that every little helps and this is our thank you to you!

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