How to Make Your Camera Waterproof with a SwimCell Waterproof Case

September 01, 2015

We love it when you reach out to us on social media. If you're asking a question that means other people are thinking the same thing too. No question is too stupid to ask.

@SuperBusyMum just wrote to us on Twitter and asked if SwimCell works for cameras too. It turns out she has a super funky Samsung Galaxy K zoom and wanted to make it waterproof.

After checking the measurements and trying out the large waterproof case for iphone6 plus and small cameras we're confident that the large SwimCell waterproof pouch will be perfect for her. 

As we love supporting bloggers and busy mums who are often so under appreciated we've sent her a Large Waterproof Case for free in exchange for an honest review. We can't wait to see what she comes back with and we hope she will share some of her underwater photos, especially as she has 5 kids.

In the photo above we've managed to fit our Panasonic Lumix inside this waterproof bag which means we can take high quality photos underwater on our camera which isn't even waterproof! How cool is that?! We're really excited.

SwimCell means that you can literally make your phone or camera waterproof. This is the perfect GoPro alternative and costs a fraction of the price at £15.99.

Large SwimCell is just as soft and comfortable as the standard size (£13.99) which makes the controls inside fairly easy to use. You do have to remember that you've just put your phone or camera in a magical (plastic) force field though so it's not going to be as easy as if it wasn't in the waterproof case, we don't know why people get surprised about this.... Anyway, watch this space for awesome underwater photos taken on small cameras from inside a swimcell waterproof case.

If you'd like to get your own SwimCell 100% Waterproof Case for your phone or camera or even as a gift please visit our shop.

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