One customer says SwimCell is "As good as a GoPro"

July 30, 2015

We absolutely love reading through our customers reviews of SwimCell and wanted to share this totally awesome one with you.

Being compared to a GoPro is a common thing but being told SwimCell is as good as makes us feel really proud.

The freedom to be able to turn your phone into a waterproof camera is totally awesome. We know that SwimCell isn't as cheap as many other bags on the market, but this is because we use high quality materials. All you have to do is hold it in your hand and you'll realise this is the waterproof case you want and can trust.

Below is the review for a SwimCell Waterproof Case in white. And Noelle, if you read this, please get in touch as we'd love to see some of your photos and videos and thank you personally.

"We decided to invest in this case for going on a two person holiday and honestly I'm so glad we did. The purpose behind the purchase was so that we didn't have to worry about leaving keys, phone etc on the beach whilst we were out swimming. I didn't actually test the case before we went, so naturally I was apprehensive about using it with my phone. It's safe to say the product was thoroughly road tested and it was brilliant!

We could carry our phones and eventually stopped checking the case to make sure it was okay. We then began using the screen to take photos in the water and even videos, this presented hours of fun for all the activities we had planned. The case withstood hours of swimming, jumping off boats, taking underwater video's and we even used it to record video's on waterslides in a waterpark.

The product comes with instructions and it is recommended not to be used for longer periods in water, I think around 10 hours. We never used it for that long in a day, but it was used for a number of hours. We both agreed it was as good as having a very expensive GoPro camera! I would recommend this product to anyone, particulary for a family or two person holiday. Great product!

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