20L Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack

20L Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack

July 25, 2018

Who wants to know what all the fuss has been about this week? It turns out our 20L waterproof dry bag backpack has been quite a hit.

It's the perfect dry bag for a one day beach or water activity adventure, big enough to fit a towel, change of clothes, sun cream etc

It doesn't just keep your dry things dry, you can also use it to store wet things in, like wet rain gear or a wet suit.

Unlike most 20L roll down dry bags this has 2 adjustable and detachable straps so you have the choice to wear the bag with one or 2 straps or carry it in your hand.

It's really easy to use by squeezing out the air, rolling it down and clipping together. Each waterproof dry bag backpack comes with full instructions.

We know there are a lot of dry bags out there to choose from so we tried to make ours a bit different. We added a large, bright orange pocket inside for storing your keys, money and phone making them easily accessible but keeping them fully protected when the bag is done up.

We also kept our logo small, in our opinion there are way too many bags with big ugly writing on them, let's keep it classy where we can.

Most people who bought these bags last week purchased them with a classic SwimCell Waterproof Phone Case and several pairs of our brand new Beach Socks. More about those in our next blog post. Happy Summer Holidays.

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