Summer Is Coming. Grab Your Waterproof Case Now.

April 23, 2015

As Spring fades away and the evenings become longer we know that Summer is just around the corner. With BBQ's, trips to the beach, outdoor adventures and Summer holidays planned now is the perfect time to start preparing.

We're pretty certain that wherever you go you'll be taking your smart phone with you. Even if you take yourself offline these days the cameras on phones are good enough that you don't need to carry an extra 300gms with you by carrying a proper camera.

One challenge is keeping your phone safe from rain, beer, mud, coloured powder paint, sand, children's sticky fingers, drops, water splashes - the list of things that can damage your phone is endless. 

Fortunately we've got the solution with our 100% Waterproof Case. It comes in 2 sizes so big enough to fit even the largest of phones to protect it from water. Our bags are 100% waterproof- this means you can even take it snorkelling. 

Of course we recommend that you always test your SwimCell before you plunge it under the water with your phone inside just to make sure it hasn't been damaged since you last used it.

From just £13.99 plus P&P you can choose from 4 colours and 2 sizes. This has got to be the most affordable way to protect your phone from water. 



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