Snowproof Case For Phone

November 16, 2014

Are you looking for a waterproof case for your phone so that when you go skiing or snowboarding you can keep your phone completely safe? SwimCell is the perfect waterproof bag for this. You can even keep your money and room key inside too.

If your phone falls in the snow no matter how wet you get your phone will stay completely dry.

This means that you can take photos on the slope whilst it's snowing without worrying that your phone is going to get damaged.

With an adjustable neck lanyard you can wear it over your neck or across your chest, inside or outside of your jacket.

Not only is SwimCell great for keeping your phone dry from the snow, it should also be seen as a safety device so that if you do have an accident you can call for help. For just £13.99 it offers you peace of mind when you're on the slopes. Happy Winter Europe :-)

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