SwimCell Saves A Phone Lost For 4 Hours In The Ocean

October 08, 2014

We're delighted to see SwimCell and Owner Amy Day feature in some local Cornish newspapers this week. The Article is as follows:


A Penzance-bred entrepreneur has just received the sort of recommendation for her product that any business would dream of having.

Former Humphry Davy and Penwith College student Amy Day launched her waterproof bag for phones – SwimCell – just six months ago.

And now she has received a message on her Facebook page from a delighted holidaymaker from London who said she was the “luckiest girl alive” after losing her phone in the waves at Polzeath in north Cornwall.

Nicola's message read: “As the waves were quite small this morning we went out paddling on our boards and I took my phone in a waterproof case to take photos.

“We were far out to sea when Gareth went to pass it back to me and fell off his board, dropping the phone.

“I paddled around searching for ages but it was impossible to see anything.”

Four hours later however the phone – undamaged and photos intact – was found by a couple of girls who were rock-pooling.

“I have always been sceptical of gadgets but I can definitely say that yours is brilliant and I have also bought myself one.”

Amy told The Cornishman she had the idea of the SwimCell bag while taking time out after going through a tough time personally.

“I went to a small island in Indonesia to get away from everyone asking what I was going to do with my life,” she said.

“I went to lie on the beach and it was there that I thought wouldn’t it be cool if you can take photos on your phone in the water instead of having to buy a waterproof camera.

“Nicola’s story made me very proud to see my product being used in Cornwall by someone on holiday and have such a story.

“I’d like to add that attaching a float to the SwimCell is a good idea if you’re out in deep water.”

SwimCells are available for sale in Annes Cottage shops and watersports warehouse, and online from and

The original story can be found here:

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