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Tamaño del paquete

Filtros N95 para uso con mascarillas.

Nuestros filtros son de alta calidad y han sido probados para alcanzar los estándares correspondientes a los filtros N95.

Esto significa que filtran el 95 % de todas las partículas que miden 2,5 micras o más.

Este es el estándar más alto de filtro y cuando se usa con nuestra máscara de 3 capas, brindará una excelente protección.

Los filtros no deben lavarse ya que esto elimina el elemento impermeable del filtro.

Siempre lávese las manos antes y después de quitar el filtro de la máscara.

Déjalo en un lugar seguro entre usos.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Becky Green
Great filters

Needed some more filters for my mask as it has an insert for these types of filters. They work well. I’ve never had covid, no injections (as I don’t believe in it / they’ve killed people) and I’ve used these filters when I go to my local shop (I don’t mix with others to be safe) even if the masks aren’t mandatory anymore I still use mine. I know they aren’t 100% effective but I rather wear it in stores /waiting in queues etc

Sharon Worthington
Great masks and filters

I have worn Swimcell masks and filters throughout the pandemic. They are well made and fit perfectly-no gaps! Also, they are stylish. I continue to wear them and feel as protected as I can be. Thank you! The service is swift and efficient.

Philomena Withers

Very happy with these masks and the filters that go with them. Can recommend. Have just received my extra order of filters. Very quick delivery and excellent service. Thank you all.

David Brown
Masks and Filters

Well made, always prompt delivery and service. Just ordered some more filters. As a family we feel a bit safer and hopefully helping others feel safer using these masks. Whilst not FFP2- it’s a good start.

Gillian Broughton
My go to masks

Great masks, good quality, thick cotton, well fitting and comfortable to wear even with double filter in. They wash well ( advise pushing the tightening lugs well on before washing especially if you wear them almost fully extended). Early in the pandemic I tried several brands but thankfully found Swimcell.