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SwimCell Ear Band Head Warmer for Women and Men- 4mm Thermal Neoprene Headband For Open Water Swimming, Running, Cycling and Skiing. Reversible Colour and Adjustable.

KEEP YOUR EARS WARM AND PROTECTS THEM from cold wind and water. Use this thermal headband with our waterproof earplugs for full water protection whilst open water swimming.

4MM NEOPRENE - One of the thickest neoprene headband ear warmers for sport on the market. Keep those ears warm when you're cold water swimming in the sea, lakes and rivers, running, walking or cycling.

STOPS EAR BUDS FALLING OUT – as this neoprene headband covers your ears it will stop your ear buds, earphones and ear plugs from falling out when swimming or running.

HELPS HOLD GLASSES ON - When the sun is out and the water is glaring this neoprene headband will help keep your sunglasses on and stop your hair from blowing in your face.

FITS UNDER YOUR HELMET OR HAT for cycling and skiing. Double up this ear warmer headband and wear it under a neoprene swimming hat, over a silicone swimming hat, or under your beanie or cycling helmet for extra warmth.

MULTI SPORT NEOPRENE EAR WARMER HEADBAND - Perfect for walking, running, skiing, cycling, surfing, swimming and other watersports. Much more streamlined than ear muffs or bulky knitted ear warmers. Helps protect your ears.

INCREASE VISIBILITYBRIGHT COLOURS to help you be seen in and on the water and on the roads or slopes. This headband is great for open water swimming to increase your safety.

REVERSIBLE COLOUR TO BLACK– having a day when you want to be less obvious? Just flip the neoprene headband over and wear it with the black side facing out. Flattering for all skin tones.

ADJUSTABLE SIZE FOR COMFORT – The sports headband is suitable for men, women and teenagers with a head circumference 54 to 59cm. (that's most people).

EASY TO ADJUST with velcro fastening, it's easy to get the personal fit you need, ensuring that the neoprene headband feels secure on your head.

HEAD HUG This neoprene headband is so soft and comfortable it feels like a hug for your head!

Rinse the headband with clean water after exposure to salt water and sweat.  This neoprene headband can be gently machine washed but for longevity we suggest hand washing.

STORE and wash the neoprene ear warmer with the velcro attached to avoid it sticking to other items or pilling of the headband fabric.

Note: This band alone will not stop water from entering your ears when you're swimming. Please use it with our waterproof ear plugs.


Please note that the pink colour in our latest production is slightly more purple that previous batches. We have updated the main image to reflect this.

Customer Reviews

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Lisa Kiely
Very happy with this

Really happy with my ear band. Great to stop cold water burn on my forehead. Seals my ears too.

Aimee Manson

I go sea swimming in Shetland, which can either be the North Sea or the North Atlantic Ocean as Shetland is surrounded by both.
At its warmest it can be 12°c - 14°c, but at its coldest -5°/-7°c. It usually sits at 9°c - 11°c. The biggest hurdle is protecting hands, feet & head from the cold. This headband has been the best one I’ve ever worn! If I’m swimming swimming it forms a tight around my head that helps keep my 2 swimming caps in place, therefore keeping my forehead warm, and it’s tight around my ears so it helps keeps them dry and helps hold my ear plug in situ. The Velcro seal at the back doesn’t rub the back of my neck either so i don’t have to wear a neck gaitor to stop it rubbing. When I’m not swimming swimming and casually head up swimming with my group of swimmers I still wear it underneath my fair isle wool headband. Not strapped as tight though. I find it helps protect my ears and forehead by keeping the cold wind away.
It’s amazing! An awesome bit of kit I have in my swim arsenal.
Most definitely will be buying a few more to have in circulation.
I swim in Shetland and I fully recommend this headband!
Having them in bright colours also help add another vibrant colour to you while out swimming by yourself.
I was contacted over the phone by one of the team to double check my address was correct before posting which I thought was really lovely! Not many companies do that! The aftercare has been super as well.
Please please buy this headband! It’s fully endorsed by the cold cold North Atlantic waters around the Shetland Isles! =)


They are so easy to refill as the magnets snap together by itself under water, which is fun in itself! The silicone is soft and nice to hold.
My 9 and 13 year old loved these. Refilling and aiming at each other. They both rated these 10/10! The net the come in is useful to keep them in too.

Mr Donaldson
Brilliant Ear Warmers

I've not worn ear warmers for sea swimming before and I was impressed how they kept me warm. I love the bright colour, so that I can be seen. A great product.

Heather Jenkins

Brilliant addition to my winter swim kit. Helps keep water out and ears warm.