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No pocket? No worries, the SwimCell Wrist and Ankle Wallet is the perfect way to carry your door key, car key, cards, jewellery and other small items when you're going for a walk or run ensuring that you can been seen on the road for extra safety.

GLOW UP HI VIS 360 REFLECTION – Amazing 360 degree light-activated reflective fabric ensuring you can be seen from as far as the eye can see. With this hi-vis wrist wallet running key holder you’ll GLOW UP ahead of drivers, cyclists, dog walkers and other pedestrians increasing your road safety.

SAFETY AND SECURITY- You might have a pocket for your key in your running gear, but if it's not zipped away, it's not always safe. This key wristband wallet also makes a great i.d holder making you easier to identify in a worst case accident scenario.

Both sizes of wrist and ankle wallet are adjustable with velcro. The below suggested sizes allow for 1 card and 1 key in the pocket directly on the skin. Please allow extra cms for wearing over clothes or adding bulkier items such as car key fobs. We're always happy to help you choose which size to buy.

ZIP POCKET FOR ESSENTIALS – The wrist wallet pocket measures just over 10 x 7cm. It can fit cards, keys, a car fob, money, lip balm, jewellery, timing chip, ski pass or other scannable i.d. Use this key holder wallet for a tracking token for a run in the park, a trip to the shops or whenever you're pocket free and need to take essentials with you. 

LIGHT WEIGHT, SOFT AND COMFORTABLE TO WEAR - Wear the wrist wallet or ankle wallet directly on your skin or over clothes. The back is lined with 100% cotton for extra softness. You can attach the wrist wallet it to a belt or thread it through a running vest or backpack strap. Weighing only 20gms.

REVERSIBLE - If you want the wrist wallet to be more discrete, simply put the reflective side on your skin. 

SWEATPROOF AND LIGHTLY WATER RESISTANT. The reflective material and inner lining offer water resistance for running in light rain. To use in heavier rain, safeguard any water sensitive items by placing them in a sealed plastic bag before putting them in the pocket.

Please note; this wrist wallet is not waterproof and should not be submerged under water. If you're looking for a 100% waterproof key wallet holder please click here to see our 100% waterproof key holder.

Measure 3m above your wrist or ankle joint. (Take into account clothing).
WRIST circumference 15cm to 21cm.
ANKLE circumference 21cm to 27cm.
The ankle wallet can also be worn on small biceps (up to 24cm) but as it is not elasticated we suggest wearing it above the elbow. 

Enhance your visibility and safety by pairing your reflective wrist wallet with our simple Hi Vis Reflective Wrist and Ankle Bands for running and walking.

EASY TO CARE FOR simply hand wash or pop in the washing machine on 30. Do not tumble dry.

These reflective wallets were designed by us and are design protected 6314963.

Customer Reviews

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Totnes Nigel

This seems really nicely made - all the edges are well finished and the zip is decent too. If you are doing anything that means you don't have "pockets" readily available this is very useful. Running is the obvious one however I often walk is gear that one has minimal pocket space so it works then too. Bear in mind that these are not for use swimming (despite the company name) but they are fairly sweat proof. The reflective material is nice. I'm an average size guy and this went on my wrist OK however had my wrist been much larger the fit would not have been good. You can certainly get keys and a bank card in this. Neat item that could be very useful.

Paul D

The running wristband has been a revelation for carrying small essentials during our runs. Its design and functionality address a common challenge for runners how to carry items comfortably and securely without impeding movement.Comfort is a primary feature of this wristband. It fits snugly around the wrist, eliminating any discomfort or distraction, which is crucial during a run. The secure fit ensures that it stays in place, even during vigorous exercise, providing peace of mind that it won't slip or slide.The zip pouch is a standout aspect of this wristband. It's spacious enough to hold several small items, allowing us to run hands-free and without the worry of losing anything. This feature is particularly appreciated, as it's often challenging to find secure storage for items like keys, small change, or a fitness tracker during a run.An additional benefit, and one that I personally value, is the wristband's reflective design. This safety feature is essential for those who run in low-light conditions or during the evening. It increases visibility to others, particularly motorists, enhancing safety during night time or early morning runs.In terms of pricing, the wristband is also a winner. It offers great value for money, especially considering its practicality and the quality it brings to the running experience.Overall, this running wristband is an excellent investment for runners of all levels. It combines comfort, convenience, and safety in a simple yet effective design. Whether you're a casual jogger or a serious runner, this wristband is a great accessory to enhance your running routine.


Great product. Really quick to put on when


This is a nice little thing - simple but useful. One of those ideas that makes you think, Why didn't I think of that? I use it when I'm out walking for exercise - I usually worry about putting my keys in my shorts pocket; it wouldn't do to lose those in the forest I walk in. My shorts have belt loops so I can attach it to a belt loop if my wrist gets sweaty.The wallet is well made, nicely sewn and made from good quality materials. Good enough capacity for keys, credit card, earbuds etc. Seems to have a rain-resistant zip. I wore it during a very drizzly walk - clothing got soaked - and the contents of the wallet stayed dry - water beaded up and ran off.Some of the pics in the description make the wallet look MUCH bigger than it is. There are two sizes: I got the ankle size, but use it on my wrist. I'd struggle to get the wrist size on, if the size guide in the description is accurate - my wrist is 21cm+ and the wrist size wallet goes up to 21cm. I didn't want to wear it tight, or at its maximum extension all the time.I'll probably use this much more in the summer when I'm less likely to carry a rucksack and have fewer pockets in my clothing.I like this simple little thing a lot and recommend it.

Amazing product!

I love this product for running. It is very hand to hold your keys when you are going out for a run and don't want to carry anything with you. I normally wear clothes without pockets as well, so this is a super handy little piece to have, and a bonus is that it's reflective, so great for early morning or night time running!