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ALWAYS BE SEEN IN WATER – This BRIGHT ORANGE 15L Tow Float Swim Buoy will ensure you can be seen in the sea or lake by passing boats, spotted by fellow open water swimmers, or observed from the shore.

YOUR SAFETY FIRST - When safety is your number 1 priority, our swim tow float will act like a buoyancy aid bubble allowing you to rest when needed, it can easily float adults weighing up to 80kg/13 Stone.

LIGHTWEIGHT - ONLY 300g . This is a medium sized small tow float. It’s made from strong PVC and it much Lighter than a 28L swim Buoy. You won’t even notice it towing behind you when you’re swimming or carrying it when paddle boarding.

BUILT IN MARINE WHISTLE INCLUDED it’s super loud blowing more than 85 decibels. Allowing you to call for help if needed, always shake any water out first. We also sell Emergency Whistles separately in a pack of 3.

DRY BAG TO TAKE YOUR ESSENTIALS WITH YOU - Great for valuables and small items such as keys, money, phone, a light, flip flop and snacks. Always use a 100% Waterproof Case inside here for your phone and keys.

EASY TO INFLATE SAVE YOUR ENERGY – Being smaller means you only need 4 breaths to inflate the float, saving your energy for swimming. It has an easy to use TWIST LOCK VALVE. Perfect for open water swimming in lakes or the sea. We’ve also had a lot of fun floating over waves and surf with ours.

YOU CAN’T LOSE THE ATTACHED ADJUSTABLE WAIST BELT The strap fits waists from 70-128cm. Separate parts make things easy to lose so we decided to keep the belt permanently attached making it impossible for you to lose it.

Current orange stock has a separate emergency whistle
Current pink stock has a built in emergency whistle

Customer Reviews

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Great product

Not too big but substantial enough to be safe, lean on for a natter and contents stay dry. Excellent value for money

Sea swimming must have

This tow float was a game changer for my winter sea swimming. It gave me more confidence knowing I'd be seen but also be buoyant in the water when it's rougher. And something to lean on in the waves. I also take the whistle and attach it to for more safety if needed.
So pleased I got this.

Mr Donaldson
Gives me confidence when swimming

I'm not a very confident swimmer, but having this float attached to me gives me confidence to swim further than I ever have. I can rely on it when I need a rest. I like that I can take my car key and phone with me too rather than leaving them on the beach. The colour makes it really easy to see, so I can be spotted from the shore.