Swimming Tow Float- Orange Swim Buoy 15L


A bright orange tow float to help increase your visibility and confidence in the water. 
Ideal for open water and wild swimming.

Free Marine Emergency Whistle.

Supports up to 80kg in weight as a floating aid when you need to rest.

One section of dry bag to carry your key, phone and other small items.
Always use a SwimCell 100% waterproof case for valuables.

Permanently attached, adjustable waist belt so you can't lose it.
For 70-128cm wait circumference.

Leash length 0-60cm so you can choose how far away from your body to have it.

Easy to inflate and deflate with a simple twist lock valve.

45cm x 28cm when inflated.

Made from lightweight PVC- total towing weight only 300g.

Streamlined design with less straps and handles than other models.

Add a small light for increased visibility in low light.

Always use an additional SwimCell 100% waterproof case for valuables as the dry bag section is not 100% waterproof.

Customer Reviews

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Mr Donaldson
Gives me confidence when swimming

I'm not a very confident swimmer, but having this float attached to me gives me confidence to swim further than I ever have. I can rely on it when I need a rest. I like that I can take my car key and phone with me too rather than leaving them on the beach. The colour makes it really easy to see, so I can be spotted from the shore.