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Neon Yellow
  • Fits phones up to 10cm x 16cm.
  • Waterproof case for iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, Android.
  • Best waterproof case for 4"- 5" screens.
  • Window 7cm x 14.8cm.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • Tested to 10m / 33ft underwater.
  • Rated IPX8 - the highest waterproof rating.
  • Wide, adjustable lanyard.
  • Soft PVC, comfortable to use.
  • Easy to use twist lock wheels.
  • Still use your phone inside the bag.
  • Shipping from £2.90- FREE SHIPPING on orders over £50
  • The best way to choose your case size is to measure your phone’s height and width or look online here for your phones dimensions. 

    As a guideline we suggest any phone below 15.5cm tall including it’s case will fit into a standard size SwimCell. Anything larger than that and you will want our large case.

    Below we have listed some popular models and the size case we recommend for them. If in doubt, feel free to send us a message and we will help you choose.

    Standard 17cm x 10cm - Phone 15.5cm and below 
    iPhone SE, 13 mini, 13, 13 pro
    Samsung S8, S9, S10, S20, S21, S22
    Windows Lumia 650, 550
    Nokia Lumia, XL
    LG K3,K4,K8
    HTC Desire 650,
    Motorola Moto G5
    Huawei Y5, P10

    Large 19cm x 10.5cm (Max device 19cm)
    iPhone 12 pro max, 13 pro max
    Samsung S8 Plus, S20 Ultra, S21+S22 Ultra
    Galaxy A7
    Galaxy Note 8, 9 10 plus
    Windows Lumia 950XL, 640 XL
    LG G6, X power 2, Stylus 3, V20
    HTC Ultra,
    Motorola G4, G4 Plus, G5 Plus
    Huawei Honor 8 Pro

Customer Reviews

Based on 219 reviews
Had a good time using this case for the first time but still lots to learn!

Excellent product and easy to use too. A brilliant way to use your phone safely in the water. I should have got one ages ago. I am looking forward to trying it out shortly in Monaco

Lucille Reeves
This works

I put a sock in my case and went for a swim, it remained dry so I put my phone in and had a great time taking photos while in the water. The pouch is indeed 100% waterproof but how long this will last, I can't say.

Jonathan Portillo

Awesome product! Just dry before opening. Getting one drop in there is annoying 😁

Absolutely waterproof !!!

This case made a miracle possible! I lost my phone inside this case two days ago, whilst wildswimming in rough seas. Went to grab it to protect it but a wave hit me hard and the clip snapped. I thought I lost it forever and that eventually the water would get in anyway and ruin my phone even if it washed ashore. WELL, 48 hours later, someone found it, opened the case, charged it and returned it to me and I am sending you this with my phone working perfectly. Amazing miracle thanks to this case ! 200% waterproof !

Patricia Taylor
Excellent product

I have used this several times now when I have been sea swimming . I bought the standard size and it fits my iPhone and car
key so it’s perfect for what I need. I have taken photos and videos too so it’s totally usable too