SALE HydraMate Reusable Bamboo Cup. 400ml /14oz with Storage Bag


HydraMate Reusable Bamboo Cup 400ml 14oz. Made From Bamboo and Cornstarch. Anti Leak Lid With Stopper. Storage Bag and Carabiner Clip. Biodegradable. Reusable For Tea, Coffee and other drinks.

You Can Make a Difference
Are you making a conscious decision to change your impact on the environment?
Do you want to save money on buying coffee on your way to work?
Bringing your own reusable cup to refill is a GREAT solution.

Choose HydraMate Reusable Cup
Don’t just buy any cup, a HydraMate Reusable Cup is made from Bamboo and Cornstarch. These elements are biodegrade once buried in the ground at the end of its life cycle. They are naturally BPA FREE.

Holding 425ml this reusable bamboo cup will fit a Starbucks Tall or Costa Medio.
Saving you 20p-50p per coffee when you bring your own cup to the coffee shop.
Alternatively just fill it up at home with tea, coffee or the drink of your choice.
The cup sits perfectly in car cup holders.

Food Grade Anti Leak Silicon Lid With Stopper
Prevents accidental spills and is a pleasure to drink from.
Running for the train? No problem, the silicone stopper stops liquid from jumping out.
The stoppers can be easily pinned back or twisted around when you’re ready to drink.
Just make sure you give it a wash with hot soapy water before the first use.

Heat Protective Sleeve
To stop your fingers from getting too hot there’s a removable silicone sleeve.
This, along with the lid can also be used on other cups.

Storage Bag
There’s nothing more annoying than the inside of your bag getting drips of tea and coffee on it.
We created a water resistant storage pouch for your cup which can clip with a carabiner to the outside of your bag keeping your personal items clean and dry.
We’re the only currently the only company that offers this. You saw it here first!

Don’t Be Boring
The happy colour of our Aqua lid will make you smile in the morning.
It will remind you that you’re doing a great job at making a difference.
Every little bit counts.

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